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Why inventory with Nest Egg?


Recognizes millions of everyday items and looks up information based on barcodes, saving you time.


Works  well with small and large inventories ranging from a few hundred items to tens of thousands.


No big manuals to read or consultants to hire. Scan, take pictures and you are done.


Our system simplifies inventory organization and tracking processes no matter which industry you operate in.


Not just Super Retina HD ready but optimized for the latest and greatest iOS and iDevices.


Available in 16 languages including Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

Best-of-breed solutions for the mobile you.

Nest Egg is the easiest way to manage your business inventory or track your purchases at home. We designed Nest Egg with the most simplified data entry, intuitive layouts and super-easy data organization so that you save time and stay on top of planning and logistics.

Choose a solution that is right for you.

  • For Business
  • For Home

Micro Business

Per Month

Scan Barcodes
Track Prices and Share
Access on up to 2 Devices
Automatic Synchronization
Manage up to 150 Items
Micro Business

Per Month

Scan Barcodes
Track Prices and Share
Access on up to 2 Devices
Automatic Synchronization
Manage up to 300 Items
Small Business
Most Popular

Per Month

Scan Barcodes
Track Prices and Share
Access on up to 2 Devices
Automatic Synchronization
Manage up to 600 Items
Small Business

Per Month

Scan Barcodes
Track Prices and Share
Access on up to 3 Devices
Automatic Synchronization
Manage up to 1000 Items

Please contact sales if your business needs a custom plan.

Nest Egg Lite
Scan Barcodes
Track Prices and Share
Export and Backup
iCloud Support
Standard Device Protection
Nest Egg
On Sale 20% Off
Scan Barcodes
Track Prices and Share
iCloud and Dropbox*Support
Passcode Protection and Wiping*

(* feature is an in-app purchase)


Ideale Übersicht über den häuslichen Inventar & die entsprechenden Garantielaufzeiten. Läuft auf allen iDevices tiptop; schade, dass keine automatische Synchronisierung zwischen den Geräten möglich ist (das wäre der fünfte Stern 😉)

by Ruessli

I used it to make an inventory of our camping trailer as well as our workshop and I found it very useful when you need to find some obscure hardware part that you have in dozens of bins in your workshop or garage.

by Dame-Plume

se me hizo muy buena aplicación pero me falta la versión para mac seria excelente tenerla.

by baloyakos

Falta opções para enviar um ficheiro e poder ser importado entre dispositivos e/ou opção para mesclar banco de dados, ou melhor ainda opção de sincronização de dados para quem usa mais de um dispositivo.

by wmarques

The Nest Egg Home inventory app is simple to use, organized and provides enough flexibility to suit your own situation.  Reports are easy to create for use outside the app. I tried a few other inventory apps before settling on this one. Would highly recommend.

by kb au

Wie für meine Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten. Das Geld alle Mal Wert (habe für andere Inventar-Apps Geld rausgeschmissen)!

Cool wäre noch man könnte zB eine Kiste mit Strichcode oder QR-code versehen. Schnell scannen und schon sieht man was drin ist. Da man aber durch die sehr übersichtliche und gut strukturierte App dies auch durch ein Paar Touchs auf Bildschirm erreicht, bin ich trotzdem happy. Andere Apps die dies ver…

by heireli

Nach ersten Versuchen mit Nest Egg wollte ich die Übertragung nach Excel auf meinem iMac testen, um eine Inventarliste zu bearbeiten und auszudrucken. Das Exportieren als html-Datei über iTunes File Share klappte gut. Leider kann Excel aber die in der Datei enthaltenen Zahlen (z.B. Kaufpreise) nicht verarbeiten, nicht umformatieren und somit auch nicht zur Berechnung von Summen verwerten. Die (dürftige) Hilfeseite de…

by GJ-Hlee


by まいのらぼ

So glad I found this app!! This was exactly what I needed to help me get a good inventory of the movies, music and books I owe. The best part is the scan barcode which looks up the information from online. This has been what sets this app apart from other ones I wasted money on.

by Kesha West

Great app easy to use. I tried the bar code reader on a toy that is 16 years old and it knew what the item was. The app works for everything you could ever need it for. Even customer support is great. I emailed them a question after 12:30am and received an answer and help within a hour and they answered question perfectly.

by Jacks

I recently changed from a windows-based home inventory to Nest Egg. It is easy to use once you play around with it for a few minutes and set it up to meet the needs of the location you are inventorying (home,office,garage,etc). Customer service is highly responsive and helpful. Learned about this app from a NY Times tech article.

by DellaSacto

Frequently Asked Questions


Nest Egg – Inventory puts no limit on how many “records” you can store. Your device storage, memory, and iOS indirectly determine the maximums. Cloud editions of Nest Egg may limit how much you can store based on your subscription level.

If you have a range of valuations, you can maintain them in the Notes area. Record the expected replacement cost as the Replacement Cost. In many instances, it is the average cost or probability-weighted average cost.

For barcode scanning to work, Nest Egg needs access to the camera. Make sure that Nest Egg has access to the device camera in the Settings app. If it does not, you may see a black background instead of the camera live feed.

Nest Egg is probably working fine. Lookup misses like this can occur because of online availability, specialty status, date of introduction and a host of other factors. Some items may have restricted distribution planned by the publisher and are not widely available as a result. In any case, Nest Egg tries hard to get you the details within a reasonable period of time and reverts to manual entry thereafter.

Please make sure that the barcode you are scanning is a UPC or EAN barcode. There are many barcodes that look just like UPC or EAN but are encoding different information such as an issue of a magazine, serial number or batch number. Such information does not help Nest Egg identify the item automatically.

Yes! With the passcode support in-app purchase you are able to lock your data in Nest Egg – Inventory. Additionally, you can configure Nest Egg – Inventory to automatically wipe your sensitive data after a certain number of bad passcode attempts.

Yes. Nest Egg uses open formats so that your data can be easily manipulated in many spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel and Numbers on Mac.

Make sure to choose UTF-8 encoding when importing from the CSV files in the Excel wizard. Otherwise, the data may look corrupt or missing after importing.

This is a commonly encountered situation. If you are seeing boxes instead of images, the browser is not finding the files linked. Most often this is resolved when you extract the zip file into a new folder rather than browsing the export file without fully extracting onto the file system.

This is a limitation of CSV format more than anything else. More specifically, there is no way to embed images in a CSV file. If you want to see embedded images, HTML might be a better export format for you.

Yes you can. In fact, if you are hitting a Nest Egg – Inventory Lite limitation and have purchased Nest Egg – Inventory, when you go back to Lite next time, there will be a prompt to migrate your data. Otherwise, you can follow Nest Egg – Inventory built-in help (More -> Support -> Help) to get the exact steps to create a data backup on Nest Egg – Inventory Lite and restore from the backup on Nest Egg – Inventory.

Yes you can. You would export your data from Nest Egg in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format with images and do an import in Nest Egg – Inventory In Cloud to replicate your data. Please note that the cloud editions are more advanced and therefore may require you to occasionally tweak the exports a little bit depending on the versions involved.

You can export your data in CSV or HTML format in Nest Egg – Inventory and Nest Egg – Inventory Lite. Once the export file is created, you would need to transfer the export file to your PC or Mac through email, iCloud, Dropbox or iTunes File Sharing.

Exports are regular zip files, so you would extract the archive on your Mac or unzip it on your PC. Once unzipped, you can potentially double click on the CSV or HTML file(s) to see the data in your favorite browser or spreadsheet application.

In order to transfer data, you would need to upgrade to Nest Egg – Inventory or use another edition of Nest Egg.

Nest Egg – Inventory and Nest Egg – Inventory Lite store the inventory locally on the device. You could merge data through export and import mechanisms, but unless you are careful, there may be duplicates or data associations may not be exactly as originally intended since imports cannot carry all of the rich associations possible in Nest Egg. Therefore, we recommend that you set up inventory on a master device before replicating the data to other devices. If you wish to create inventory on two devices in parallel, please use cloud editions of Nest Egg.

Nest Egg – Inventory and Nest Egg – Inventory In Cloud can process CSV archives of your existing inventory data in Google Sheets (or another spreadsheet application such as Excel and Numbers). The structure and format of the CSV archive is identical to that of the CSV export files. The import CSV archives have extension and have file names and column names matching those of Nest Egg CSV export archives. Once you prepare the CSV archive out of your Google Sheet file(s), you can import your data by heading to More->Data->Import in Nest Egg.

If Nest Egg  reports successful uploading of a file to iCloud, then one way to verify is to download the same file in Nest Egg (through Download from iCloud action). We are not terribly familiar with Apple Files and why it does not show some files at times.

You do not have to purchase the in-app purchase again. If you head to More -> Settings in Nest Egg, you would see an option to restore in-app purchases. You should be good after doing the restore. If you are not, make sure that the account used to purchase the in-app purchase is the one you are logged in to.

Only the cloud editions of Nest Egg store your data on the cloud. Nest Egg – Inventory and Nest Egg – Inventory Lite store your data locally on the device. However, depending on your iOS settings, your device may be getting automagically backed up to iCloud, in which case your data may end up residing on the cloud. If you have sensitive data, please make sure that the device options are appropriately set before entering information into Nest Egg. Also, please consider setting a strong device passcode and a Nest Egg passcode with data wiping to further protect access to device and data therein.

Unfortunately, Nest Egg runs only on iOS at this point.

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